I love beautiful painted furnishings.  I'm either on the hunt for signature antique pieces or finish existing ones that need a facelift.  Here are examples

Driscoll Design Group

has placed in projects.

This exquisite secretary was a perfect find for a client's living room.  We purchased it from

Karla Katz

in New Orleans.  It graces a wall as a dramatic statement.

DDG Project:  Swedish Antique Secretary purchased from Karla Katz


front door has a high gloss yellow painted finish that is perfect for the "Come On In" feel we wanted in its entry.

DDG Project:  ACRE front door with high gloss yellow finish

This piece needed a facelift.  We enlisted the help of

Stephanie Jones with Me & Mrs.

Jones Painted Finishes

.  She did an amazing job with black lacquer & gilt detailing.

DDG Project:  Cabinet with black lacquer & gilt detail finish

A client's family room needed a punch of color to house these amazing pieces of pottery.  We custom designed the display piece & lacquered it with orange that's divine.

DDG Project:  Custom designed orange lacquer cabinet

The occasional table here originally was a milky flat green that wasn't special.  We commissioned

Stephanie Jones

to black laquer it.  Isn't it beautiful now?

DDG Project:  Table with black laquer finish & gilt detail

This chest was so old-fashioned & tired in its original state.  

Stephanie Jones

put a subtle grayish finish on it to help it feel like today.  Special!!!

DDG Project:  Chest with matte gray finish

I saw these chairs & knew they could be great with a little tweaking.  They're in our kitchen & are the perfect size with casters to boot.  

Stephanie Jones

added her special touch with black paint & subtle glaze on the caning.  Love, love, love!

DDG Project:  Set of chairs with matte black finish & gilt detail on cane work

Before & after of a client's awesome mirror... 

Stephanie Jones

added a lacquered white finish that's magnifient.  It's perfect in its new finish & location.

DDG Project:  After of decorative mirror with white lacquer finish

This client's dining room was almost complete but needed something reflective & simple.  We custom designed a mirror & had

Stephanie Jones

finish it with a pewter finish that's delicious!

DDG Project:  Custom designed mirror with pewter gilt finish

Another mirror with black tar finish & monogram detailing.  It's mine & I love it!