Do the party the party dance...David Cupp is the winner of the Ragland Hill Social/The Curtain Exchange of Memphis giveaway.  Congratulations David!!!!

How cute is he?

David chose the Beechwood solid dupioni silk, lined & inner-lined, handmade in the USA curtains from The Curtain Exchange of Memphis.

David was nice enough to share a little information with us about how he plans to use his beautiful new drapery.

Here goes:

RHS/TCEM:  Why did you enter the Ragland Hill Social/The Curtain Exchange of Memphis giveaway?

David:  I've recently purchased my very first house & all I had on my windows were traditional inexpensive wood blinds.  For years I've seen ads & read articles about The Curtain Exchange of Memphis.  The giveaway was my chance to finally get the curtains I've needed for a while.  I was so excited when I found out I had won!

RHS/TCEM:  Where do you plan to use your new curtains?

David:  I can't wait to use the new bronze curtains in my dining room.

RHS/TCEM:  How has it been working with The Curtain Exchange of Memphis staff?

David:  When I found out I won we got busy putting the plan together.  They've helped me select my hardware, decide on the 110" inch length which are exactly what I need for my dining room with 9' ft. ceilings.  We plan for the draperies to puddle on the floor a bit.  Tim has arranged for the installer to come to my house & has really taken the worry & stress out of the equation for me.

RHS/TCEM:  Do you have future projects planned for your new house?

David:  I'm using The Curtain Exchange of Memphis next in my living room & then onto the master bedroom.

RHS/TCEM:  Where is your new house?

David:  In the Highpoint Terrace neighborhood in Memphis.

RHS/TCEM:  What field of work are you in?

David:  I'm an Account Executive at The Fur Vault & a part-time model.

So there you have it...a happy winner of new beauties!  This has been such a blast & I hope to have another fab giveaway very soon.  Fingers crossed...stay tuned & I'll keep you posted!

We'll talk soon,