And more tear sheets I've been saving & still loving...   I can say few have meant as much to me as the home of interior designer, Helene Aumont.  This farm in San Ynez was featured in House Beautiful many years ago & I've held on tight.  Everything about these spaces speak to me.  

Instantly you know it's a family pristine museum here, though it's filled with exquisite antiques & art.  I love the colors, layered quality & most of all, the dive in feel that oozes from these pictures.  This is a home that will forever stay in my design file.

Aumont Sitting Room
I love the leather chairs, coffee table & interior drapery.  Stunning!

Aumont Dining Room
Aumont Veranda
How about having every meal on this veranda?  I think I could handle it.  Watch her video below, it's inspiring.

Aumont Pool
I love this fountain at the foot of the pool.  Magnificent!

Aumont Barn
No words necessary...just no words!

Aumont Master Bedroom
Aumont Master Bedroom
And, of all rooms in this home I love, it's the Master Bedroom.  I used this room as my sole inspiration for our Master Bedroom.  I still love it today...wish ours had a fireplace!  And still need a beautiful rug...working on it.

Driscoll Master Bedroom
Driscoll Master Bedroom

What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?

This is an amazing video of Helene giving a tour of her special home.  You can also visit her website here.  Enjoy!

We'll talk soon.