There were a couple of shots at ACRE we needed to recapture since our last photo shoot there.  We did just that & WOW, do we have new beautiful images to share very soon.

While I was there, I took a few shots of my exciting to have your work photographed by a professional photographer...thought it should be recorded for posterity.  Here they are...What do you think?

ACRE Bar being photographed by Bob Bayne

Through a photographer's eye
ACRE most recently featured in Memphis magazine.
Winter beauty outdoors at ACRE.
Recent installation of new chairs at ACRE.  Ann & Palmer loading ONE in Atlanta to try out. 
And we were headed home, chair & all.  It was a great find.  They look awesome.

Can't wait to show you soon.  Visit ACRE's website here to make reservations or see more about the menu & interiors.

We'll talk soon.