I feel like a CHEATER when I go to market...all those lovely antique pieces sitting across town in shops just waiting for their LOVER to arrive...& I give them the Heisman!

Don't get me wrong, the Atlanta Mart was great.  You could see from our market picks all the loot to ponder & place.  But, that category of items is just one piece of my equation.  I love things with a modern sense, new, hot off the design press & yes, at market.

But, I'm confessing...my first & true love is ANTIQUES!  And, you never, ever forget your first love, DO YOU?

I believe aged, beautiful things just scream, "SHOW ME THE LOVE!".  I use them in a current way, perfect for today's design.  By placing antiques in a clear, concise & edited environment they instantly feel fresh, more of silhouette than buried under 50 pieces of Herend & screaming for air!  

Every residential project I design has that perfect mix of modern & curated goods, one doesn't feel right without the other.  Here is an example of a room we designed recently that shows just that...

(fresh white walls + stained concrete floor + little or no molding)
(antique oriental rug + mirror + large jardiniere + commode)
(abstract art + modern bench)

In 2012, I not only plan to feature beautiful images of our work & others, but to help our readers understand our design process, what makes DDG's work unique & why it has the look & feel we call:  CURATED DESIGN + MODERN SENSE.

Come back to RAGLAND HILL SOCIAL regularly for tips, sources, inspiration & much more on our design philosophy.

It's going to be really good, don't miss it, EVER!

We'll talk soon,


P.S. Still racked w/ cheater's guilt!