I know you think you don't have time...I think the same thing too.

I love to save notes...have a file at home & pin them on a huge bulletin board at our office.

But, if you want to be a stand out these days...there's one SURE FIRE way to do it...


There's something very special about this practice....
  1.  Open your box of beautiful custom notecards, peel back the tissue paper & gaze.
  2.  Take a deep breath for the first time in your insane day.
  3.  Focus for 5 minutes. 
  4.  Put pen to paper & express yourself.  
Every single one of those acts is positive for you & the receiver of your words.  In days gone by, the single most intimate form of spilling your guts was in the written word.

It's self-expression staring back at you in an instant & it's your signature style going out into the world, person to person.

My favorite notecards are from IOMOI...aren't they swell?

I'll admit, the nuttier my life has become with busy hubby + child, growing business, social media, & just down-right forcing a little me time...my note writing practice has suffered.  But, I intend to resume this practice pronto & if I don't have anyone to thank, then I'm going to write said person to let them know of my admiration & love (can't imagine I wouldn't have someone to thank).  Otherwise, those beautiful notes are just collecting dust!

Come on...it takes 5 minutes to write that note...give yourself a goal..one a day, one a week..promise you'll benefit too!

If you've really slipped & don't have a box to open, here are some of my favorite picks...notecards have come a long way baby!


From Sugar Cookie Cards, love, owner, Ashley Baine...she rocks!

From INK + WIT

And, it doesn't have to be all serious & formal.  The point is to connect on a human level (that doesn't involve technology) & exercise a little old-school charm...what's better?  Bet someone will THANK YOU for their THANK YOU note next time they see you!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of moi, Gadabout, Sugar Cookie Cards & INK + WIT