designing for THE MATTRESS BALL continues...

tip five.
Big bag is in order..pull fabrics that build your color story, in this case, Farrow & Ball's Haque Blue for walls & neutral earthy tones.  Pull textures, types & prints that work together but don't match.  Don't forget trims, wallpapers & rug options.  Carve out those hours...this bag came from our fabric room of thousands.  I bag it because if I don't finish...GASP...I take it home.  It's good to walk away & come back with fresh perspective too.
Good thing I do Pilates or I'd have a hunch back from carrying these around day in day out.

tip six.
Sort fabrics in stacks based on color & pattern.  Figure out your solids first, then add the design punch up.  Solids are key, place on big pieces like beds, drapery & sofas.  Modern sense keeps things clean & concise only using patterned textiles in small doses.  See how busy this palette looks?  In reality, all those patterned goods will be pillows or throws.   The thought of bathing a sofa in that patterned madness makes my eyes hurt & heart race.  Small dose = PERFECTION!  You then have to figure out how all this is getting made:  what style, pleat, tuft, puff, stuff, etc.  I'll say it again...carve out some time, it's complex & isn't for the faint at heart!
Some of my favorites here...Quadrille, Scali, Sam & Sons, Stark, &'s an "S" convention!

tip seven.
My favorite part of the process...find amazing objects, art, mirrors, whatever your heart desires to add the crowning jewels to your space.  I love a mix...pick one thing to really spend some CASH MONEY on...key piece of art?  Then fill in with flea market, ETSY, catalog or antique shop finds.

Abstract painting by Amanda Talley, geodes & pottery give this space a layered feel.

Pair of mirrors will function like windows behind beside tables.

Love to use metals in's all about the mix of metals too!

If you're hyperventilating, sent to bed with migraine or thinking, "this is a whipper" after reading...just hire your favorite designer...or if design is your passion & you're a DIY'er...get busy, you've got a lot of work to do!

Rock on PEEPS, go bond with a designer (most are worth every penny) or decorate away...two choices!

We'll talk soon,