designing for  THE MATTRESS BALL you say...

This project is a master bedroom, bathroom, closet & powder room renovation.  We were called to sweep the DDG magic wand & create a rich, layered handsome space that has all the softness a lady requires.  It's going to be fabulous once installed & a perfect project to give you our tips.  Here goes...

tip one.
Carve out gobs of time to find inspiration images to start your process...there's one image here but I looked at hundreds to arrive upon perfection...our client loved it!  We're off to the races.

Inspiration room for master bedroom the colors & bed.
tip two.
Work out floor plan & determine the pieces that are "given" (already in your possession), where they're going & everything else in your new space.  Pay close attention to the scale of items.  It can make or break your room.

Antique chest & pretty chair that needs upholstery...these items were first to be placed in the floor plan.
tip three.
Select new furniture considering your needs list.  Lots of needs here, the bed will be designed like the one in the above image.  Items should talk to each other but not say the same thing, BORING!  This room isn't large which presents the challenge of finding pieces with proper size & look.  Again, carve out the hours...these 4 pieces were chosen from hundreds.

We're adding a beautiful boxed bay window where this sofa will reside...other pieces for bedside tables & such.
tip four.
Create a lighting story that has a common language but again, doesn't match.  Scale here is key.  Everything shouldn't be the same size but not drastically different either.
Come back tomorrow for the rest of The MATTRESS BALL Curation's the REALLY pretty stuff!

We'll talk soon,