I feel like I'm revealing the best kept secret EVER!  But, I'm so proud of this special girl that I can't contain myself.  I knew when God blessed me with only one child somewhere down the line I'd have another come by way.  Little did I know, she'd have parents of her own she loved dearly, share my passion for all things design & be the hugest blessing for my Lucy.
I have my another design master, Ann Parker, to thank for this introduction & I will be forever indebted to her. Meggles, as we fondly refer to this shining star, has grown each & every year in her field of study.  She is like no other...the hardest worker you will ever meet, willing to do just about anything you ask, a "yes girl" always...if she doesn't know how to do something...not to worry..she'll figure it out in no time flat.  She has interned with Gwen Driscoll Designs for years & just keeps coming back for more.  Her duties are varied & many times, doesn't know what her "assignment" will be until minutes before.  Unflappable is one of her best qualities & for those in Interior Design you know, unflappable is a gift that keeps on giving.
I was never above doing anything when I started working in this field & I guess that's good karma for me.  Meggles is our "Girl Friday" & always with a smile.  She has been asked on some days to return to the paint store 4 & 5 times, the boys at UPS know her well, our clients are happy to see her smiling face with every delivery & yes, she is behind the scenes on many of our important design projects.
In addition to that, there are summer days that call for running to & fro to the barn, swimming pool duty, 
Justin Bieber concerts and, 
God Bless her, Benihana for Lucy's birthday.
And, yes, she does resemble Pippa, but, is even cuter!

Meggles is going big places because of her truly amazing design ability, and, I'm her biggest cheerleader.  A major coup for GDD would be to secure her FOREVER.  But, only she can decide what the future holds.  She will have her pick no doubt!

After a semester of grueling work & major determination, Meg not only produced this amazing project but won a national design competition to boot!  Her assignment was to design a restaurant in Turkey & this, my friends, is what she concocted.  Isn't it fabulous?

The Gwen Driscoll Designs' family feels blessed & lucky to have this special one in our midst.  She brings happiness & joy to our lives daily.  It's not the same when she's away at school, but, every break, she comes home, puts her head down & goes to work for us!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Meggles for all you do.  You're the Best!

It's a blast watching our Design Star rise higher & higher & higher &....

I'll keep you posted because there is more to come no doubt!

We'll talk soon.


P.S.  And if the other amazing people in the Gwen Driscoll Designs' family are reading this...your feature is coming next so get ready!  Keep your eyes peeled for my new camera!