Suffice it to say my break from the World of Blog and all things tech related has been a good one.  But, I felt a major creative void in my design life that's for certain.  Luckily, we've been wrapping up many projects that were designed ages ago, so the void came at a good time.

In addition to World of Blog, we now have Pinterest, which is an amazing tool.  I use it in many ways, but most valuable is the inspiration it creates.  There are zillions of images we've seen many times, but there are zillions of images that are new, inspiring & a pleasure to view daily.

I've included some here that have given me new ideas, inspired thought, design & renewed spirit!  You can click here to view my Pinterest boards & see more great sources along with these images.

Enjoy!  They're really good.

Graphic drama.

Framed art to perfection.

Simply lovely.

Creative & natural.

Jewel display.

Painted floor instruction.

Awesome detail.

Zebra steps!

Chic delight.

Clean & lean.

Magnificent upholstery.

Garden chic.

Amazing architecture.

Perfect porch.

Life inspired.

Holiday happy.


'Tis the season.

Kitchen perfection.

Garden glory.

Visit Pinterest when you need a lift & inspiration from some of the most creative minds on the planet.  It's awesome!

We'll talk soon.