When a glorious magazine spread begins and ends with horses, you would think I'd pay close attention to its origin.   And is beautiful in its own right to boot.  But, clearly, I didn't put this one together.

My good friend, John Sampietro, alerted me yesterday morning that my House of Dreams post was actually Veranda's House of Windsor.  If being honest, I've flipped through my recent magazines but haven't really studied them.  I like to save that for a day when I can carve out a block of hours and really dive in.  Nonetheless, John's message brought this to my attention and I began to wonder, "Why did I react to this house in its bare state?".

Click here to review House of Dreams post.  Below are images of the showhouse decorated by designers that are the best of the best.  I think I've finally decided that this house, architecturally, is beautiful in its simplicity.  And, the exterior, I loved as much as the interior.  Thus my strong reaction.  I'm dying to know which set of images you prefer? 

Please let me hear from you.

We'll talk soon.


Images via Splendid Sass, thanks Teresa!