This time of year leaves me craving my own special somewhere tucked away, free of city sounds and pace.  Thanksgiving isn't just a day, it's an entire weekend opening the holiday season.  I love it most because, unlike Christmas, it's more relaxed, casual and least in our world.

One day, I hope to have a barn (that functions like a home) where we can go, have a respite and just enjoy the "earth" and everything natural about it.  I've included some imagery that I love, ideas for that project one day in the not too distant future.

It's fabulous don't you think?






I love the paint colors here, simple yet a big statement.

What about the Dutch door?  Perfect for a country home.

And this could go on it!

Firewood at the ready!

A back porch that looks like this, or


How awesome is this found piece of art?

A Kitchen like this with

an intimate fireplace.

A big open single living space like this, or

this, or


Always need books for country life &

and some stone in the mix would be great.

We've got to have a ladder because the bookshelves will be vast.

And a Master Suite like this, or


Master Bath simple, or

rustic, or

a little more refined.  Don't care, any will do.

Kids get bunks, nooks and special places like this, or


And a trough sink is perfect for them.

Don't you think it could be fabulous?  Let me hear about your special place or if you dream of one some day.

We'll talk soon.