It all started with Kristen & Lindsey Buckingham's Kitchen in Los Angeles.  It's been tucked in a hard copy file for months & a Mac desktop file as well.  I love it for many reasons, but the floor is #1!  Can you imagine how one dimensional this space would be without the tile floor?  I know, it's scary, installing a decorative element that you or a client may tire of over time.  But, I say, you only live once so GO YOUR OWN WAY & do it!

I've included some inspirational images here.  Have fun looking at the beauty.  I did, my friends!

Bold pattern & just a touch of color - perfection.

Simple design  & strong color make this Kitchen pop.

Yummy brown.

Perfect for a hall!

A modern touch to a crusty space.

Perfect touch under the tub.

Tile is King here.

Mosaic in the outdoors makes for a bold statement.


No rug needed in this Entry.

Vintage charm.

Classic appeal.

Mosaic tile goes plaid.

Different shapes & sizes used in unison work here.

Here are some beautiful options I've sourced for you.  They each have a unique spin on design & style.  There are options for bold statements, soft, serene looks and fun, festive applications.  Enjoy!  Each source is linked below.

I'm looking for that perfect project to use these concepts.  Let me know if you want it to be your house.

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, New Ravenna, Walker Zanger, Mosaic House, Waterworks, Ann Sacks