I came across these fabulous pieces of hardware where bronze is KING!  Serie Rare specializes in creating luxury bronze pieces used for door handles, cabinet hardware and more.  Created by artist, Daniel Podva, each piece is signed & created with the unique skill set of an artist.

Podva was born in Tunisia of an Italian mother and a Russian father.  As the product of many cultures, Daniel quickly embraced their blend, absorbing various influences of history.  Podva moved to Paris, became an advertising photographer with a steady collaboration with Harper's Bazaar.  He also works as a designer and painter.  The multi-talented Podva works in multi mediums including painting, photography and more.

Enjoy these pieces of  serious ironwork.  They are all beautiful and lovely, each piece in its own right.  The collection has over 1,200 pieces and has a showroom in Paris.

Daniel Podva at work sketching for the Serie Rare collection.

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Serie Rare - Rive gauche
6 rue de l'Odeon, 75006 Paris

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