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One of the most interesting things I've gained from writing my blog is turning my mind's eye to focus on my own work.  I have people e-mail me constantly asking for advice regarding home & interiors.  It's flattering others are inspired and want to understand the creative process facilitating our designs.  Professional advice is only available to my clients by ethical standards, but I can give all of you insight into how my brain works, what makes it tick, how I dream it up, etc.

There are many times my team looks at me with a quizzical gaze and says, "Where did you come up with that?".  Sometimes it's brilliant, sometimes it's hair-brained but it's always a creative spin on normal.  I think that's what makes any designer's creation his/her own:  a comfortable environment to express oneself and see if it sticks or not.  That's what we do each and every day at GDD.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
This is the first of a new blog series:  SIGNATURE GWEN DRISCOLL.  After analyzing my design process, there are many elements that make a project quintessential Gwen Driscoll.  Though no project is ever the same, my design concepts stay true in each and every project.

Leather is always something I gravitate towards when looking at textiles.  I like muted neutral tones, colored playful ones, texture, fur, skin and suede.  You name it, if it's supple, soft and luxurious, it's got my name all over it.

I start every project with inspiration images.  You can see some of those here, as well as GDD items well-placed in projects.  I've also included some exciting things we will incorporate very soon in new projects.  Enjoy each & every one.  I love them all!


Windsor Smith
Amelia Handegan

Rose Tarlow
Celerie Kemble
Palmer Weiss
Amelia Handegan

Melanie Turner
Nestled, Tucked & Happy.

Ted Boerner Sofa for Design Within Reach in "His" Study.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Purple Shadows 
upholstered an ottoman in a well-loved Family Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Edelman Leather Cashmere Calf Blueish on chairs in a
fabulous Dining Room.The backs are wrapped in a Jim Thompson silk.

Gwen Driscoll Designs
Gwen Driscoll Designs

John Saladino Calla Chairs upholstered 
in Holly Hunt Toscana Leather Pale Grey
for a sophisticated Breakfast Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Design Within Reach Antica Chairs
in a light-filled Morning Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Holly Hunt Brannan Chairs by Christian Liagre
upholstered in Holly Hunt Toscana Sand 
for a spectacular Living Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Keleen Leathers Persuede Me Jungle Jane
upholstered walls in a formal Powder Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Luxe Calf Pumpkin upholstered
 ottoman for a much needed pop of color in a Dining Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Darkest Brown
upholstered a bench for a stunning Entry Hall.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Bianco upholstered
Host & Hostess Chairs in a chic Dining Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Soon to be Stuffed, Puffed & Stretched Tight.
Edelman Leather Jumbo Crocodile City Lights Golden Rod
will grace a pair of hexagon ottomans for a charming Living Room.

Edelman Leather Cavallini Cappuccino
will make a pair of stunning Library doors.

Edelman Leather Croc Loco Grande Nightcap
to finish a pair of ottomans for a classy Family Room.

A pair of custom leather lounge chairs
 will flank a beautiful Family Room fireplace.

My Wheels are Turning....

Where can this fabulous statement piece by DesignLush
 upholstered in EL Royal Hide Spring Leaves go?

Can you tell I love tufting and greens of any shade?  
Where could a pair of these 
EL Napa Loco Grass Green
stools be placed?

And these metal doors make a perfect inspiration for 
dreaming up upholstered doors with a special nail detail.
I want them to be in EL Russian Leather Modernaya Vintage 2003.

How fabulous would a screen like this be
upholstered in EL Crocodile City Lights in Dusk?

Ooh, la, la & this headboard upholstered 
in Rose Tarlow Lumina Expresso.  How fabulous?

Every project I design has to have a balance of many elements.  I love the quality leather adds to each room I design.  It's special, sleek, simple and soft.  What more could you want?

Look forward to many more SIGNATURE GWEN DRISCOLL posts.  I hope this has given you some insight into our design philosophy and process.

We'll talk soon.