I absolutely love Easter!  Christmas is great, but Easter is the biggest celebration a woman can have! 

I love it for all its Christian blessings and the child-like bliss it brings.  Our golden egg always has $$$ (BIG $$$), a tradition my grandmother started, so the Easter Egg hunt is the shortest event of the day.  Our kids want the CASH!

Weather permitting, I love to set the Easter table outside.  I found this beautiful image and thought it perfectly fitting for an Easter Table.  I'm using this as my Easter inspiration and I think you should too.

The colors are magnificent and I love the casual elegance. Easter is a laid back holiday for us.  We usually spend the day enjoying the outdoors and having no particular schedule.

Oh my, the Peony.  It's my favorite!

How precious is this in lieu of place cards?

Oh, Martha, Martha, Martha!  Instruction on her bunny napkins are for you here.

And, here's the sumptious feast.  I can't wait.

So the perfect Egg Hunt,
a day of Croquet,
a hedge maze,

or Bocce , take your pick.  They are all winners for Easter festivities.

Check back in daily for more EASTER TREATS this week.

We'll talk soon.