Ooh, lah, lah!!!  I love Macaroons.  They are my absolute favorite.  I love the texture and taste...but most of all, I love the festive quality.  They are the perfect addition to an already over-the-top occasion.

It seems only fitting I would call these the first of our EASTER Treats  this WEEK.  And, in this case, not only are the macaroons divine but this shop is TO DIE FOR!

Mexico's first patisserie to feature these fabulous French delights:  Theurel & Thomas Macaroons.  Enjoy these beautiful images, I certainly did.

You say Easter Eggs, I say Macaroons!

No Words!!  Have you ever?

Sorry to say this shop isn't just around the corner from me.  Maybe it's right there for you?

I could just walk in, take a deep breath and gawk!!!

See you tomorrow with more fabulous TREATS, just for you, my lovely readers.

We'll talk soon.