Serve up Bellinis as the Easter cocktail of choice this year. They are a peachy version of the Champagne Cocktail, the Mimosa.  Beautiful, tasty and oh, so festive, the Bellini never disappoints!  I love to serve cocktails like this as well, for the "Virgin" is just as tasty.

So the story goes in early 1900's Venice at a little place called Harry's Bar, the bartender Giuseppe Cipriani mixed a fresh white peach puree, raspberry puree and sparkling Italian wine, Prosecco.  The original, Bellini Cocktail, was created and named after Cipriani's favorite painter, Giovanni Bellini.

SERVE 'EM UP!  Your guests will love it.

What a beautiful presentation for serving?  You can always garnish a glass of Prosecco with raspberries if a Bellini won't do.

Don't you just want to sip, sip, sip?

And here you have it, Giada de Laurentiis' best Bellini recipe.

Hope these are a great addition to your Easter Day!

We'll talk soon.