If you're in need of some interesting Easter conversation, I've got a few tidbits for you to share.

Did you know in Bermuda it's a tradition to fly kites at Easter?  It represents Christ's ascension into heaven and is part of Bermuda's Easter every year.  How cool is that?

Did you know in Russia, 1885, Tsar Alexander III was looking for the perfect Easter/Anniversary gift for his wife, Maria Feodorovna?  He contacted jeweler, Peter Carl Faberge who made the first jewel encrusted egg starting a yearly tradition.  These eggs continued to represent the height of opulence until the Russian monarchy was overthrown in 1917, the final year Faberge eggs were produced.

Did you know there is an old superstition that wearing new clothes at Easter meant good luck for the remainder of the year?  Starting in the mid-1800's, upper-class New Yorkers exited the grand churches along Fifth Avenue parading in all their finery.  Today, the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade is a great  celebration.

And, if you're in need of a new Easter hat, choose one of these.  I think they are all fabulous!

We'll talk soon.