Fabrics are like friends to me.  They each have a special calling card that make them unique and interesting.  I choose them wisely, ones that have true and individual character, are always stylish and exciting, even when they've been around for quite some time.  Scalamandre` is one of my favorite textile sources for one reason:  its fabrics are like "old souls".

Founded in 1929 by Franco and Flora Scalamandre`, this textile giant has been weaving exquisite fabrics and trims year after year.  In the world of textiles, Scalamandre` is known for reproducing historic patterns in both America and Europe.  Jackie Kennedy called on Scalamandre` to reproduce a magnificent 19th century silk when redecorating the White House.  William Randolph Hearst needed a renaissance design fabric reproduced when renovating San Simeon Castle and Scalamandre` has beautiful silk curtains hanging in Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

There is something special about using fabrics that have historic roots.  They have a grounding sense in both new and old homes alike.  I continue to find a special use for a Scalamandre` jewel in almost every project.  There is something magical these fabrics do for a design scheme.

Here are some of my favorites.

Scalamandre` Falk Manor is exquisite and versatile.  It settles in perfectly with whatever I've chosen to pair it with, modern art, magnificent antiques or both.   You can't go wrong here.

Scalamandre` also has beautiful silks in yummy colors like no other.  See this silk hanging at these French doors...what about that luscious green?  
This pillow fabric is the crowning appointment needed for a warm and comfy Library.  It has just enough pattern to make it unique but doesn't stand up and scream, "pay attention to me".  Love that quality in a fabric.
Oh, and Scalamandre` Lovebirds.  Really, you can't beat the exquisite workmanship detailed in this textile.  It's shown here with beautiful beading detail and the companion, another wonderful silk.

Love Lucca!  I've used this large scale linen many times.  It's perfection for a little girl's room.

Scalamandre` Raja is getting ordered this week for curtains in a client's Entry Hall.  Aren't they going to be beautiful?  I can't wait to install them.
Here it is in other colorways.  Love the spunky yellow and gray.

Ciclo Ombre is a Jacquard Velvet that is stunning.  I can't wait to find a special project where it will be right at home.

Leopardo is a Scalamandre` classic.  Love it.  I think I might pull it out tomorrow.  I just had a fabulous idea!

And, if you shop in Atlanta, go by the Scalamandre`showroom and visit Chandler and Holly.  They'll take great care of you.  Promise.

We'll talk soon.