Oh, my clients always amaze me!  They are one of my absolute best resources ever.  And this is a perfect example....
Leather books by Juniper Books
So, I've been in a blog fog.  It seemed as the year came to a close I could only run from project to project to insure they were all installed and fluffed to perfection.

So, my blog sits on simmer (really the burner was off), waiting to be updated.

Today, I check email and one of my favorite clients has emailed me a link to a New York Times article from today's Home and Garden section.  Click here to read.  A new resource I was unaware of is now in my grasp.  I was mesmerized and so happy to see the "real" book isn't dead after all.  I'll admit it, I've sold out...bought (no, stole husband's iPad) and haven't picked up a "real" book in months.  I feel as if I'm cheating on a test or in some way have taken a short cut.  But, it's done.  I love reading from this new device, especially when traveling and, honestly of late, I haven't been reading Tolstoy so in some way, while reading fluff, I feel as if it's OK.  But, my love and passion for "real" books will always live on.
Leather books by Juniper Books
Ironically, this client I speak of, has just put the finishing touches on her beautiful new library.  While arranging the shelves there recently, I was in awe of her phenomenal book collection.  She and her husband, like me, have a love of books and have made it a priority to collect special ones.  You can tell, this isn't a library that was born in a day, it has had years to marinate getting better and better.  Truth be told, you can peruse someone's library and in one hour know more about them than if you spent days in his or her midst.
Library designed by Juniper Books
If books have always been your love, Thatcher Wine of Juniper Books is the man for you.  Click here to visit. His love of books turned his hobby of collecting into a successful business.  And, I'm so glad to now have this resource in my arsenal.

As a designer, books are one of my staples for every project.  I'm constantly amazed at how few people actually have "real" books in their homes and bookshelves abound everywhere.  Look at these fabulous books.  I can't decide which I like most.
Beautiful custom covers

Fabulous leather books
Stunning color coordinated books
Books based on an authentic theme or interest
Books that are truly pieces of art
Lovely vellum books
A series of books
Or just a happy book!

Which ones are your favorites?  I can't wait to find a perfect project and place a call to Thatcher.  Brilliant, just brilliant!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of Juniper Books