I, like many of you, have read Lonny now for a year.  In the era of wondering "what's coming next" in the publishing world, Lonny is stronger than ever.

I was mesmerized by each and every page in this issue.  Truly, I perused it with a crescendo building experience.  And, I was so HAPPY to see many of my blog friends featured as well.

I've compiled my favorite images, but you must click here to see it all.

Eddie Ross, I believe, is one of the biggest talents in our field to date.  
Click here to visit his blog.

Katie Armour, The Neo-Traditionalist, is one of my favorite blog friends on the planet.  Love that girl!  
Click here to visit her blog.

Love John Robshaw and my ultra-talented friend, Laura Stanley, styled his house.  Isn't it fabulous?  Click here visit John Robshaw.

No words needed to express my love for the following images...so many reasons this post would be loading for days!

Lonny has become a design powerhouse that will be with us for years to come.  It has the perfect mix of inspirational living and real life all wrapped up in one fabulous on-line publication.  

Happy 1st Birthday Lonny.
You Rock the House!

We'll talk soon.