I spent the better part of last week installing a project on a beautiful farm just outside of Memphis.  It's a spectacular place, looks like it should be in Virginia or Kentucky, but here it sits in Grand Junction, TN.

The house is magnificent (can't wait to show you someday soon), with beautiful barns & outbuildings as well....but, a signature feature of this farm are the Peacocks!  They are majestic creatures, the colors are truly a natural masterpiece.  With every pace I walked to my car or the different trucks pulling up with beautiful new things we were installing, there were the peacocks in all their glory.

Ironically, I've had an obsession for quite a while.  I'll never forget my very first personal decor statement many years ago:  a long necked cobalt blue vase with peacock feathers pluming from it.  Ask Amy & Stephanie if you don't believe me....they were my roommates and had to endure all my projects!

Enjoy these beautiful images.  They are just perfect for this time of year...rich jewel tone colors ready to ring in the Fall!

Carrie in Sex and the City set off a new found love of peacock blue and feathers in wedding fashion and events.  How beautiful was she here?

Fashion loves all things peacock too!

Remember this beautiful use of peacock feathers in Holiday decor?

And what is better than a peacock blue room?

Do you like any part of a peacock?  Colors, feathers, all of the above...let me hear your thoughts.  I love to know what my readers think.  You inspire me every day!

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Veranda, Wedding Bees, Style Me Pretty.