Dear Mr. Drucker:

I just wanted to let you know of my great pleasure in reading page after page of the August issue of Town & Country.  I must say I feel like you read my mind of needs, wants and delicious desires.

As I sat on a plane bound for Colorado last week, I had the pleasure of actually reading a magazine.  I usually go straight for my Vanity Fair but Julianne Moore, in all her clear and clean beauty, caught my eye.  Without much deliberation, I picked it up and kept thinking, "this is the most relevant Town & Country issue I've read in years".  I hadn't permanently shelved T&C but it, by far, wasn't my first choice of magazines I have so little time to read anymore.
What else does a cover need but a beautiful redhead to draw you in?  Of course, I'm partial because I have a daughter with those same beautiful locks.
And, do you know how many times I visit New Orleans a year?  Let's just say many.  I thought there was no stone unturned for me in NOLA but this article provided a few great nuggets I can't wait to check out.
And then, this deliciously inviting article on a place I can't imagine anyone on planet Earth not wanting to visit.

How can beautiful clothes invoke an emotion like no other?  My favorite:  modern and timeless all in one, sophisticated and elegant beyond reproach.
How did you know orange is one of my signature colors?  I told you I feel like you read my mind!

So wish I lived somewhere I could don these wool and tweed beauties for more than a day.  Nonetheless, I've bookmarked and sent to all my friends who live above the Mason-Dixon line.
And, who doesn't love Ralph?  I know, I'm a child of the 80's.  I had his sheets, pillow shams, comforter and more, more, more while in high school but to read this truly "Living the American Dream" story is inspirational, even for those who don't care for his aesthetic.

Oh and I've been interviewing friend after friend (I have ones spanning from their 20's to 80's) about what to do with my 40 year old "skin".  And, here, you gave me every bit of up-to-date information I need if I ever decide to do more than a facial (it's coming).

And, this article truly made me happiest.  A feature on a spectacularly beautiful home and in the South, no less.  You couldn't have picked a more lovely space to show us what true elegance really is.

So, Mr. Drucker, after getting over my heartbreak of you leaving House Beautiful, T & C is the most perfect fit for your special talents.  I've felt for years most readers who love what we do:  house, home, entertaining, fashion, travel and anything else that provides an amazing lifestyle needs to be able to find it all in one place.  I don't really have time to review 10 or 12 magazines a month anymore, I have one hour to sit down and be truly engrossed in a page turner.  You, my friend, have given me one and for that I'm grateful.

All the best,
Gwen Driscoll
A Renewed & Fond T & C Reader
Memphis, TN

P.S.  Can't wait to see what you have in store for next month!!!

Images courtesy of Town & Country