I must say, this is one of the hardest things I have to convince clients of...but a little lavender in your life or home is what makes the difference.  For those of you who follow my design and blog, this comes as no surprise, but it's always "shocking" when I mention it in design meetings.

I can't really put my finger on it, or give you the exact reason or time this became part of my design aesthetic, but it's here to stay.

It may have been early on when I started studying the work of John Saladino.  He uses it in many, many ways:  I could go as far to say it is his signature color.  

Experimentation is key to my work and experimenting with a client project isn't an option, so guess who got to be the guinea pig?  Moi!  I have lavender silk drapery in my bedroom and after 11 years, I still love them!  Now, that is a sign of staying power in my world!  Just ask Michael, who has pretty much thrown the gauntlet on anything else changing around here for a while.  My house is my chemistry lab and he has now cut me OFF!   Luckily, most of my "experiments" stick, I like things that are timeless and acquired, with a little twist that will last!

Enjoy these lavender of all hue images (there are some eggplant & purple) thrown in too.

I hope you are having a great week.  I've got many exciting posts coming up so stay tuned!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Style Me Pretty, Decor Pad, Design Dress Decor and others I'm sure I've failed to mention. Please contact me if I've used one of your images and I'll credit you ASAP!