After leaving a meeting today with a new client, I was driving in great ponder, "Why do I REALLY love antiques so very much?".  I had just discussed design philosophy in great detail and how antiques play a leading role in my work.

I'm not saying I couldn't design a room without them, but almost saying that.  An antique piece is an "old soul" that grounds a space.  It's a piece that gives a room presence and importance, elegance and clarity, and call me a little whacky, but its energy is good, solid and real.

I tell young clients time and time again, "Save your pennies, your nickels, your the best quality piece you can for your money, you won't ever regret it".  And hire a designer that can steward your money best.  What you are paying a designer for is his/her "eyes", experience, knowledge and ability to help you have a well-rounded collection.  And yes, I speak from experience...I couldn't buy pieces in my own collection today if I had to.  I couldn't afford it, they have at least doubled, maybe tripled in value, and that my friends, is a good feeling.

So, I'm sharing some "old souls" with you today.  I love each and every one.  Some come from dealers I work with regularly and some I've bookmarked along the way, ready to find the perfect place for them.


The Tom Petty:  Rustic, refined with a style all its own.  Netherlands, Circa 1820, unusual Flemish three drawer chest in pine with original faux bois finish.  Kantelberg Antiques & Interiors.  Click here to visit.

The Sela Ward:  Classic, refined and exact.  Mid-18th Century Georgian Mahogany Chest on Chest, England.  Penny Farthing Antiques.  Click here to visit.

The Mick Jagger:  Quirky, one-of-a-kind, perfect juxtaposition.  Large 1870's Louis XVI Style Armchair.  1stdibs Paris.  Click here to visit.

The Charlize Theron:  Quiet, elegant, with a story to tell.  French, Set of four early 19th Century Louis XV Style Panels made from Dufour Scenic wallpaper.  Jacqueline Adams Antiques.  Click here to visit.

The Halle Berry:  Charming, curvaceous, a looker you can't miss.  Pair Regency Peacock chairs in Grosfeld House style, 20th Century.  The Collection Los Angeles.  Click here to visit.

The Eddie Vedder:  Unexpected, layered, an artistic genius. 18th Century Italian painted commode. Karla Katz.  Click here to visit.

The Catherine Zeta Jones:  Flawless, fine and staying power that's undeniable.  Italian, Veneto, Neoclassical Walnut Scantonata Credenza, 2nd quarter 19th Century.  Robuck Company Antiques, Ltd.  Click here to visit.

The Sarah Jessica Parker:  Distinguished, superior, flawless.  19th Century Italian, Olive Wood, Side Commode.  Karla Katz.  Click here to visit.

The Courtney Cox:  Glamorous, beautiful with a grounded quality.  Italian Baroque Walnut three drawer chest, Circa 1700.  Epoca.  Click here to visit.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Please let me hear which is your favorite.  I love to know what my readers are thinking.  You're the best!

We'll talk soon.


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