Gwen Driscoll Designs installed a playroom last week we've been working on and I posted about here.  It has turned out looking great.  We are still waiting on a coffee table and the Amanda Talley painting hasn't been selected yet.  Other than that, I'm so pleased with the outcome.  It's just beautiful and our client is so happy!

These Z Gallerie mirrors are fabulous, turned out better than I could imagine!

Sofa, lamps, tables and yes, China Seas added touches are really wonderful.  We need a painting above the sofa.

And then, there is always the possibility of this at installation.  We are working on getting it repaired.  Not fun when this happens for sure.

And yes, I need to invest in a new camera!  I'm ready and if I could carve out the time to figure it out it would be done.  Who has a fabulous camera they love?  It has to be something I can easily travel with and carry in my purse.  Any help would be so appreciated.

We'll talk soon.