I absolutely love this beautiful space.  I, unfortunately, can't place where I bookmarked it, so please let me know if you have seen it before.  This is pure Gwen style, from head to toe.  Enjoy these tonight.  
I love the neutral palette with spikes of color everywhere!
Everything here, from the rug to the chandelier are special to me.  Look at those beautiful natural wood floors.  Perfection!
Another spectacular view.  What about this chic sofa?  Love it.  Again, the floors!
No words!
A light, fresh airy kitchen... and, all those precious deer with antlers peering over the edge of the chandelier.  Love.
There is my little touch of lavender love.  You know I add it in every project I design.  Just a little hit somewhere makes all the difference.  Think what it adds to this hallway.
No words, yet again!
This wall color is beautiful perfection.  I could brush my teeth here daily and be gloriously happy.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour.  I'll be traveling this week back to Rosemary Beach to see our progress over the last month.  I can't wait to see how our project is coming along.  Exciting!

We'll talk soon.