I went to Pier 1 today in search of a few items to finish up Lucy's room.  You know how it goes, kid's room...going to get a lot of love and wear...budget is reaching a tilt of paramount proportions...needing to wrap it up with a few good finds at good prices...BRIGHT IDEA...I'll try Pier 1.

I really haven't been to Pier 1 in years.  Yes, I did have a papasan chair I studied in daily during high school and college...and I loved it.  I entered thinking to self..."this will be a quick trip".  One hour later I'm still there rambling around looking at all the fun, fun, fun items, my brain was swirling.  I left with two items for Lucy's room, to be revealed very soon (going to be so cute I can't stand it).

But, I thought, I'll put together a really funky and fun imaginary party I'm having tonight for my family and close friends.  Michael, if you are reading this, it's imaginary...no I didn't purchase any of these items (well one thing).

So, I'm putting this darling lanterns in the center of my table outside.

And wearing this little number (apron, of course over white t-shirt and jeans).

And setting the table with these placemats and napkins.

And serving cocktails in these fun glasses.

And serving delicious goodies on these small plates and bowls.

These zebra plates were my only real purchase.  So charming, 4" x 4" ceramic.  Aren't they cute?

I love to serve small plates for a casual dinner, all for something different.  It makes a little soire so fun and festive.

If you haven't been to Pier 1 lately go check it out.  You'll be there at least an hour too, I'm certain.

Have fun and let me know what you find!

We'll talk soon.