We love music in our house.  We listen to it all the time, Lucy sings (I do not), and I'm usually the only one at a party with music on my phone that can be plugged in at a moment's notice to get the party started.

So, it's no surprise we watch American Idol with a passion.  Tuesday nights are a really big night in our house this time of year.  We cook a great dinner and watch without fail, American Idol.  They're only five left standing.  Someone's going home tonight.

Whether you are an idol fan or not, these goodies are something to check out.  They are all from Z Gallerie, one of my absolute favorite go-to stops when shopping.  Enjoy!

The Aaron Kelly:  Cute as a button, sharp and sweet all in one.

The Casey Jones:  Handsome, strong and a beautiful just to look at.

The Crystal Bowersox:  Cool, calm and serenely collected always and forever.

The Lee Deywze:  The strong horse in a tight race.

The Michael Lynche:  Happy, jolly and always bright.

If you haven't watched American Idol before this is a great time to tune in.  I'm not sure there will be many more seasons.

We'll talk soon.