We began renovating our house last summer and it's just now becoming a WRAP! (please do as I say, not as I do)!  One part of this business is always tending to someone else's needs before my own.  But, after doing this as long as I have, I've at least grown the patience to just "let it be" until I carve out the time to push it across my finish line.  Michael has been asking for a laundry room shade since September.  It's really just the small things that make this man happy.  I love my clients and always feel responsible for making their projects priority so, unfortunately, ours sits on simmer, back burner always!  Until now.

It's really not that difficult what I need to finish but honestly, a break from painters, carpenters, landscapers was just what the doctor ordered up.  When you see things in fine detail like I do, sometimes it's daunting finally saying, "Yes, this is it"!  I make decisions best if I have a little breathing room to figure it out before I launch into a massive effort only to re-do half of it (I'm getting wiser in my old age).  Especially, the fine details.

One of these days, I'll unveil our little casa in all its glory.  People love this house, it's architecturally interesting and not just any house.  Yet, it's a simple, charming abode rich with history and drama.  I call it moody, in the best sense of the word.  We are canopied by beautiful old trees that create interesting shadows inside and out.  Each room has its own look and feel while still having a common language.  It has a comfortable, dive-in feel yet a sophistication that is just right.  I can't take credit for everything, I had great bones to start, decorating this house has been a joy and a lot of fun.  With this diatribe, you'd think it was the Taj Mahal but really it's our little slice of heaven, not big and austere, just a nest that my birds call home.

If you're anything like me, you've collected images for years, things you love and would love to do one day.  I thought I'd share some of mine with you, things that I consider classically cool, a style that has always felt right to me.

And, always, always, there are many more ideas than reality can handle.

These are some winners!  Feast your eyes for today.
I love furniture that is interesting and unexpected and, for some reason, I love antlers.  It's a little odd but I guess it's my Southern upbringing, lots of hunting in my midst, even though, I would quiver holding a gun and shooting Bambi no less!
More horns.  I did love these in white.  We have a faux deer head my Mother and I painted gold for Christmas one year.  It was supposed to be a holiday decoration but the "Pagan God" (tongue in cheek, devout Catholics here), still resides in our library many years later.  I've been thinking he might need a coat of white paint or maybe not, he blends well with the chocolate walls.  Thoughts?
Love this task light with these beautiful antique pieces.  Great juxtaposition!
Love books everywhere.  We have lots of bookcases in our house and I use books decoratively with reckless abandon.
This Dining Room is so classically beautiful.  I wish I could see how the table is styled.  Looks like my cup of tea for sure.
These are some of my favorite colors and they look great in my world.  I have a collection of amber glass that I use year round.  Love it.
I say lavender, orchid, lilac (all shades equal) are my "little secret weapon".  I use it in every project I can, even if it's only a pillow or a tiny vase, it makes any space perfectly "not perfect".  In my house, it's used in abundance!
Perfect example of just a little touch of lavender.
Love these dark walls and this rug, can you say SWOON!  Is it an Oushak or Spanish?  Thinking Oushak.
No words!
The drama here is spectacular.  Just another example of my Kara Mann obsession!
This color flower is one of my favorites.  Whether I use them solo or with other beautiful shades of flower love, it sets off a room I've designed perfectly.
Branches. Branches. Branches (and I don't mean curly willow).  There is absolutely nothing better in my opinion.
Love black line quality in art.  One of my favorite ways to shake up a space is to add a painting like this.
Painting, a la faux bois!  I say YES!
And, this would make Michael nuts (he likes clean surfaces).  I, on the other hand, like lots of interesting appointments.  Don't forget, opposites attract, in people and objects.  And wouldn't life be boring if they didn't?
Again, no words!
Sometimes it's the little things that complete a table arrangement and make it perfect.
This is really something I will never get to do, but these mounted lamps are out of this world. And you ask why, never for me?  I'm married to a traditionalist (who even in the 80's) looked just as he does today.  I didn't know him then but I've seen pictures!  And, I was in my lace gloves dancing around to "Borderline"!  Were you?
See that little touch of purple comingled with this amazing turquoise blue...just another GWEN love!
I have this area in my bedroom that, one day, I'm going to get just right.  We have beautiful built-in closets and this space is dreamy to me.  No Gracie though, already have enough Asian influence to last a lifetime.  Will have to come up with some other drama!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour through my personal inspiration file.  I have one for every client.  Any image I see that fits a client's personality or project, it goes in their file.  It's amazing how much it helps designing for people when you have collected images for them for years.  I'm lucky enough to work for my fabulous clients year after year.  The more you design for someone the better you get at creating the perfect space.  Now, can I do that for us?  Working on it!

We'll talk soon.


P.S.  A little housekeeping note...I've had several people tell me my blog takes a really long time to load.  Please let me know if you are having trouble with it so I can stress my very simple pea brain (especially in technology) and figure out what is going on.  Mucho love!