Oh, do I wish I had a magic wand that could instantly make my garden grow!  This post will have all you garden aficionados giggling.  I know nothing, nothing, nothing about gardens and landscaping...except what I like and what I don't.  I'm trying to learn, but honestly, I'm putting myself in the hands of the garden gods & goddesses for help.

Luckily, I have many in my midst, know everything about making plants grow to look lush and gorgeous.  Since we were renovating last Spring and Summer, I just skipped "the land", but now, I'm focused and ready.

Patience (I don't have much)...my little plants are so LITTLE!  I know from experience in a couple of years I'll be saying, "What was I thinking?".  But for now, I'm just looking at my happy plants and waiting, waiting, waiting.

First, my New Dawn Roses....on our arbor over the back terrace.

Just beautiful.

Maybe they will look like this next Spring...

I'll even take some pretty green foliage across the top of the arbor...

But, really, I can't wait until the roses look like this.

Luckily, the Oakleaf Hydrangea we planted several years ago survived the renovation.  They are coming along but still need to GROW!

I love to cut Oakleaf to bring inside in vases.

Hopefully next Spring they will look like this....

But, I can't wait until they look like this!  How beautiful.

We planted a beautiful bed of ferns in our backyard.  I love ferns, love them!  Michael calls me "Fern" from time to time, especially when I'm bringing yet another home.

And the Confederate Jasmine is so beautiful, but going to need some time to grow and trail around the courtyard doors and lantern.

Beautiful and oh, smell so good!

I'm waiting!

And, anyone who knows me, knows my love for blue hydrangea.  I had them in bouquets at our wedding (this love goes way, way back).  I don't have any planted yet, still trying to figure out where I want them, but rest assured, I will have mounds and mounds very soon.  For now, I'll enjoy these beauties!

If you have some plant favorites, let me know.  All you garden gods and goddesses, this lady needs help!

We'll talk soon.