We're back to reality!  Nothing feels better than a recharge of the mental, physical and emotional batteries.  Our trip was in honor of Michael's big "40".  We had a great time with his childhood friends and significant others, a really special time and SO MUCH FUN!

I was working in Rosemary Beach in the early part of the week and we are making great progress on Gwen Driscoll Design's project there.  Our guests arrived on Thursday and we started our trip with a fabulous night out at Alys Beach.
We had dinner at the phenomenal (and I mean really phenomenal) Caliza Pool at Alys Beach.  Look at this gorgeous entrance.  How could you know you were in for a fabulous evening?
Those are our guests waiting for our arrival, cocktails in hand.
Another image entering the Caliza Pool.
And another.

This beautiful structure and lounging area is to your right as you enter.

Another beautiful place to dine.

The chic bar and pool area.  The Delano Pool in Miami looks quaint compared to this amazing place.

Really?  Are you kidding me?  What is more beautiful than the whitest white architectural masterpiece?


Beautiful views from the balcony where we had cocktails.

The Birthday Boy!

There were some high-powered deals being struck during cocktail hour (NOT!).
And a little more fun!
And more!

Dinner here was divine!

The celebration continues.
And continues.
And keeps on going and going and going!

More tomorrow on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, beaches and luxury that will make you weep!

Enjoy these images of Alys Beach and if you ever get the chance to visit, please DO.  It won't disappoint.

We'll talk soon.