First, let me me say, if your allergies are bothering you and you have vertigo today, save this post for tomorrow.  Lucy took some absolutely stunning images of our Sunday lunch and I thought I would share them.

Flowers make us happy.

I love to use my pretties that stay hidden in the cupboard.

Lucy insists on place cards (remember, just family over on a Sunday).

Only Michael could prepare this feast.

Still as cute as he was 15 years ago.

Me, not so much!

Lovely, self-portrait.

Carefully, upon review of Lucy's beautiful photos, I thought, not said, "I knew I had a Mimosa but GEEZ!"  I told you to save this if you had vertigo.  And, I keep wanting to take this down from our yard but, even lately, we have all been swinging on it and I just can't. It's like admitting she's all grown up!

Happy Sunday!

We'll talk soon.