If you don't have time to read this post, at least click here and see why I wept.

First, I must say, I entered this new world with great trepidation. Michael and I spent months trying to come up with the perfect name.  Night after night we sat in front of the fire brainstorming.  I had Ragland Hill but he finally nailed it and added Social.

Joni of Cote de Texas (click here to visit) gave me great advice on tech stuff I didn't understand.  
Brooke of Velvet & Linen (click here to visit) encouraged me to "Just do it".  
Ronda Carman of All the Best (click here to visit) and I became Facebook friends and chatted here and there.
I discovered both Patricia of PVE Design (click here to visit) and I had deep Kentucky roots and we became friends.

Millie of The Laurel Hedge (click here to visit) was my very first comment!  A special place in my heart she will always hold.
Valorie, of the Visual Vamp and Perch (click here to visit) gave constant encouragement.  I will forever be grateful.

Michele of My Notting Hill (click here to visit) did a post on Ragland Hill Social.  She basically launched my blog publicly.  

Linda of Surroundings (click here to visit) was always available to help me out of a technology jam.

Fast forward to last night...sitting out on our back terrace, I checked into the "World of Blog" and noticed I had a lot of new visitors.  And then, I started reading Holly at Things That Inspire's (click here to visit) blog post.

And so I wept.  And I thought this is why I love the "World of Blog".  I have always worked really, really hard.  I've sacrificed a lot over the last 11 years to have a successful business.  Many nights and weekends when friends and family were at fun parties or just hanging out, I was working.  I was working because I love what I do but also because I'm a woman of my word.  If I tell you I'm going to do something, I do it and often that takes  extra time and effort.

I wouldn't trade it for the world but sometimes you wonder, "Why am I doing all this?"  

Holly confirmed for me last night it has all been worth it.

With much success in the last decade, I've had great loss.  Within a two year span I lost my brother and Dad.  These two very special men who meant the world to me were gone, POOF, and I was left with a hole in my heart the size of Texas!

During that really hard time my close family, friends and clients took care of me.  They played with Lucy, kept my business running,  traveled to Kentucky in freezing rain and snow twice, cried, comforted and listened to me while I tried to come to grips with this life wielding blow.

I want to thank my blog friends for becoming a part of that network of comfort and security for me.  We take care of each other.  We support each other.  We give each other credit and confidence that, in some cases, is much overdue.  We are happy for each other in good times and sad in hard times.  All in all, we're there for each other.

So Holly, you touched my heart last night!  Your post was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.  

Thank you for enduring my heart pouring.

Hope you have a great weekend!

We'll talk soon.