(Image:  Kara Mann)

My favorite thing to do when I start a project is gather images that support my vision for a space.  It creates a common language for my clients and me.  And, the old saying, "a picture is worth a 1,000 words" holds true, especially in the world of design.  It's an understatement to say I'm a visual being, it's what I call my gift from above. When people hire me to work on a project, what they are really hiring is my eyes and visual process.  I, usually instantly, see how a space should be in the end result.  It's an artists' eye, one you either have or don't.  Luckily, I am blessed with it.

This wonderful family has a brood, many generations that will use and love every square inch of their house.  It will be lived in and loved by many so a beautiful design is important but a functional one is also at the top of the list.

(Image:  Kara Mann)

For those of you who follow my design work, I'm sure you've heard me rave and carry on about Kara Mann.  Her work speaks to me, why, you ask?  I think it's the serene quality with the edge I need just a little of somewhere.  In my search and quest for inspiration, I came across these images that I thought were perfect.

(Image:  Kara Mann)

The architecture of my client's house is very different, the furnishings will be a bit more traditional and decorative (but not too much) and all the furniture can't be white.  But, all in all, the color palette here is amazing and somewhere I could dive in and be eternally happy.

(Image:  Kara Mann)

We plan to use a beautiful neutral color as the "interior envelope" of the house.  It's an open floor plan with lots of angles, open stairwells, etc.  One color always helps a project like this have continuity in its first layer, a key to my design.

My client's house has dark concrete floors and pecky cypress ceilings, just beautiful!  It will be a lovely contrast with our walls.

(Image:  Kara Mann)

We, too, have an offset fireplace that is part of the Family Room creating a special nook.  We plan to have a similar seating arrangement like this one, two different scale chairs juxtaposed to one another.  Very clever and for our design will work very well.

After I develop an inspiration through images, I build a project with a floor plan and textiles.  I see spaces in dimension and shapes before I ever see it in color or texture.  In my previous life of marketing and fund-raising, one of my esteemed counterparts had the best saying, "First say it square, then say it with flare".  So, now in my design work I say, "First see it square, then see it with flare".

The floor plan and layout of furniture provides the "square" of this equation.  I like to incorporate different scales and shapes of furniture and other objects that complete the layout.  Once this step is finished, I'm on to the "flare".

I build an intricate web of fabrics that support the architecture including scale and material use.  I believe this is what gives a home its style, sense of purpose and, most importantly, its heart and soul.

My design always evokes emotion.  It's just part of my process.  A sterile environment is usually not my favorite.  People who hire us are drawn to our work for that reason.  I rarely hear people say they were "wowed" by my work.  I often here "they loved the way a space made them feel".  Above, is a sneak peak of our textile image board for this project.  

In my next post, I'll elaborate on our plans for these beautiful textiles and more of the design.  It's so exciting and going to be a fabulous house when all is complete.

Stay tuned.  It'll be worth it.  Another great project visioned and designed by our master team at 

We'll talk soon.