Spring Break started today and we're outta here.  Lucy, her friend Grace, and I'm off to Kentucky for the week.  And, I'm ready to run!

It's been a busy, busy last couple of weeks around here.  Best bud, Jane Scott Hodges, was in town to visit and host a Leontine Linens show.  We had a fabulous turn-out and a really fun week.  Now, we're off to Kentucky to visit her family and some other friends too.  And, we are going to our farm to visit Ragland Hill.  Can't wait.

(Jane Scott Hodges)

(Oprah Winfrey's bed in Leontine Linens)

(Badgley-Mishka's bed in Leontine Linens)

(Aerin Lauder's bed in Leontine Linens)

(Love these napkins!)

(A fun night out:  Lucy and Michael)

(A fun night out: Jane Scott, Lucy and me)

And, this week, we hosted a great party for another best friend's 40th birthday!  Such a fun fete and her husband knocked this one out of the park.  We opened our front door to guests but he did the rest.  It was a night to remember.

(Our house day of party, finally sunshine!)

(Have you ever seen a cuter door adornment?  I bought the feathers at Michael's and the Garden District did the rest!)

(Pre-party preparation, quince & miniature dogwood in vases)

(Beautiful flowers for the birthday girl from her parents)

(Quince in vase for kitchen table, so beautiful!)

(Birthday Girl)

It was a great night of celebration with fabulous food, fun drinks and a very special guest.  Chef Felicia Suzanne catered and brought her famous short-rib grilled cheese sliders, beef tenderloin, salmon deviled eggs, shrimp and grits, chocolate lava cakes and much more.

(Felicia Suzanne)

We had cosmopolitans and whiskey smashes for specialty drinks (and, of course, anything else your heart desired).  The food started coming then and we couldn't get enough.  Just delicious!

And our special guest, Elvis, arrived mid-party to sing Happy Birthday.

(Our special guest, Elvis)

And more delicious food.

And the special guest stayed.

And more delicious food.

The special guest was still here.

And more delicious food.

He was still here.

Just scrumptious!

He was still here!

Chocolate cake for dessert and yes, Elvis had "left the building".  Such a fun night for all.  There were lots of people here even though from the pictures it appears it was just us and Elvis.  I lost my camera mid-party and found it later in the night (hate it when that happens).  We were having lots and lots of fun!

I'll be traveling this week but try to post some mid-week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and Spring Break!

We'll talk soon.