A Dining Room is high drama in my book.  I love it to be a room that is special, one you don't want to leave when you do experience time there.  It must have its own unique style and a one-of-a-kind feel you and your guests don't forget.  

The crowning jewel in the Dining Room can be the chandelier:  the queen of the room, the diva that can't go unnoticed, the feature that keeps you spellbound.  So in the literal definition a diva ('di:va): is a celebrated female singer.  The term is used to describe a woman of outstanding  talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music.  The meaning of diva is closely related to that of "prima donna".

Enjoy these choice divas. I don't think they will disappoint.  And, of course, pick one for your very own and let me know your favorite.  I love to hear your feedback.

(Sancerra Chandelier by Niermann Weeks)

The Whitney Houston: Dramatic, passionate with a special gleam.  A piece to rise in all its glory. 

(Garland Chandelier 2000 by Richard Shapiro)

The Elton John:  Stylish, dapper and chic.  A superstar that can stand the test of time.

(Chandelier Russian by Art & Style)

The Beyonce:  Quiet sophistication with a grand punch.  Timeless while still youthful and modern.

(Chandelier Marie-Antoinette by Art & Style)

The Barbra Streisand:  Radiant, glowing and intelligent.  The grand dame of beauty, one that can't be denied the top slot!

(Balance Crystal Chandelier by Moura Starr)

The Pink:  Svelte, polished and high-tech.  A phenom that keeps you transfixed.

(DAUPHIN Metallic Leather Chandelier by DESIGNLUSH)

The Stevie Nicks:  Quaint, refined and rare.  A smart piece that's in a class of its own.

(Tortoise Egg Chandelier by SCDS Ltd.)

The Fergie:  Urbane, clever and polished.  A looker you need to keep your eye on.

(2141 Chandelier by Wired)

The Mariah Carey:  Pretty, posh and elaborate.  A superstar with its own soft touch.

(Jolie Chandelier by Ironies)

The Taylor Swift:  Cosmopolitan, unpretentious and smart.  A class act with special gleam.

(Highland Rain Chandelier by SCDS Ltd.)

The Sheryl Crow:  Rare, prime and brilliant.  A unique style with a quiet presence.

(Austria 1960's Crown of Thorns Chandelier by Lobmeyr at DUAL via 1st Dibs)

The Madonna:  Regal, imposing and majestic.  A feel that is, undeniably, that of a queen.

(Anglo-Irish late 18th Century Pair of Crystal Chandeliers at David Skinner Antiques via 1st Dibs)

The Celine Dion:  Magnificent, glamorous and sophsticated.  An outlier in a field of beauty and grace.

(Italy 1960's Venini Chandelier at Craig Van Den Brulle via 1st Dibs)

The Mary J. Blige:  Extraordinary, cool and radiant.  A classic with a modern chic style.

(France 1920's Pair of Rock Crystal Chandeliers at 1st Dibs Paris)

The Cher:  Groovy, gorgeous and worldly.  A trendsetter that forever will be.

(Aquila Quartz Chandelier I by Pagini Studio)

The Victoria Beckham:  Sleek, posh and exquisite.  A stunning beauty.

(Lumiere Chandelier by Jean De Merry)

The Lady GaGa:  Scintillating, first-class and ravishing.  An uncommon beauty with its own style.

I'll be back later in the week with SNAP. SNAP.  Every Dining Room Needs a Diva - #2.  There were so many I just couldn't leave any behind.

We'll talk soon.