A great benefit of writing for the world of blog is really "thinking" about my design process instead of just doing it daily.  Because I now do blog posts, it forces me to think about my process in a different way than I'm accustomed to under normal circumstances.

Typically, it's all in my head, swirling around until everything lands in the right place on paper.  I ponder, think, ponder, think, sketch, ponder, think, scratch out, start over, ponder, think and then it comes to me: the perfect solution or design for a space.

One defining component of my design process is always, and I mean always,  to have a superstar in a space.  It's worth paying up for, it should be spectacular, it should be a stand out and really special.  Now that's not to say that everything else around it can be shabby, it can't.  It should support and be an elegant accompaniment to your star.  Take a look at these smashing chairs who are stars without a doubt.

(Victoria Hagan St. Simone Occasional Chair)

The Reese Witherspoon:  Quirky, in its own league with a one-of-a-kind quality, feminine.

(Jean de Merry Tribeca Chair)

The Julianne Moore:  Hip, cool, chic and the chair everyone will look at and dash to sit in.  Who wouldn't?

(VW Home by Vicente Wolf VW Wing Chair)
The Kate Winslet:  Willowy, classic, sophisticated and beautiful.  A chair of yesteryear with the modern style of today.

(Aesthetic Bobbin Lounge Chair)

The Julia Roberts:  Natural, organic, stunningly simple.  A beauty without trying to hard.

(Jean de Merry Aland Chair)
The Nicole Kidman:  Exquisite, lovely and an eye-catcher with an ease that draws you in.  Can't you just feel the touch of the leather on your fingertips?

(Victoria Hagan The Emma Small Wing Chair)
The Salma Hayek:  Petite, charming and timeless with a little edge.  It's perfect for someone who wants to make a statement but in a seductively quiet way.

(Niermann Weeks Company Follot Chair)

The Anne Hathaway:  A show stopper, traditional with a twist.  This could work in a traditional or a modern setting.

(Moura Starr Oyster Chair)

The Cameron Diaz:  Fun, funky and fall into me vibe.  It's got the "I'm out there and I don't care" feel.

(Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman Sylvan Slipper Chair)

The Michelle Pfeiffer:  Sexy, soft and subtle always makes for the strongest statement.

(Jean de Merry Andre Arm Chair)

The Angelina Jolie:  Exotic, stunning, a feminine and masculine appeal all in one.  Whether you love it or hate it you can't deny its beauty.

Pick your star!  And, let me know which one is your favorite.  I'd love to know your thoughts.

We'll talk soon.