For anyone who follows my design work (or even if you don't) it's safe to say I'm all about the mix not the match.  I like homes that genuinely have an acquired quality, and if not genuine, at least a creative design that translates to a look of beauty.  Things collected over time with a mix of style and scale.

I always think a sofa is a great way to have a handsome statement.  Typically, a sofa needs to be big, dive in, comfortable and cozy.  It's a place we can all curl up with the kids, dogs, cats, glass of wine, magazines, books, newspaper or the best ever, your special honey!  And, it has to be durable to withstand the wear and tear of family living so your fabric choice, in most cases, is something that can take a beating (usually a medium to darker hue of color).

So, if you take big + dark + handsome, it equals the "Main Man" in the room!  Always remember to balance it with something that's just the opposite.  And, the opposite qualities don't have to reside all in one item.  Flank your sofa with a cool pair of lamps that have weight with a feminine quality (maybe something glass with a light colored shade).

I've put together some great choices for your "handsomes"!  Don't we all wish we could just order one up, delivery in 14 weeks and with you for a lifetime if you choose?  Oh, to dream!  Which one do you want?

The Robert Downey, Jr.:  Handsome, wry, charming and draws you in, even against your wishes.

The Clint Eastwood:  A living legend.  Macho, cool with a come as you are spirit.

The Brad Pitt:  Modern, sharp and organic all in one.  A looker whether it's your style or not.

The Taylor Lautner:  Hot, ripped and strong.  Come to me baby!

The Rob Lowe:  Beautiful, strong with a stunning quality that wraps itself around you.

The George Clooney:  The Italian Stallion - bold, beautiful and dreamy.

The Matthew McConaughey:  A stunner with a hip, cool vibe.

The Jude Law:  Calm, cool-headed with great wit.  Love at first sight!

The Robert Redford:  Tradition with modern sense, restraint with great style.

The Johnny Depp:  Cool, eccentric and sleek.  A magnetic charm that's one-of-a-kind.

The Al Pacino:  Accomplished, detailed and intuitive.  A living legacy with you for a lifetime.

The Sean Connery:  Confident, strong and well-dressed.  A traditional feel with raw power.

The Hugh Jackman:  Engaging, competent and sexy.  A jaw-dropper that makes you swoon.

The Will Smith:  Handsome, smart and chic.  Locked and loaded, ready for love.

The Jeff Bridges:  Undeniably cool, laid-back and a dreamboat.  Perfect for chillin' like a villain.

The Matt Damon:  Smart, understated, quiet confidence with staying power.

The Jon Hamm:  Gorgeous, long and lean.  A modern classic.

I must know your pick.  I'll keep score and post the rank later this week.

We'll talk soon.