Emmie from Southern Aspirations sent me the Happy 101 Award last week.  I have really been thinking about it and have so many I had to narrow it down to some serious, some silly but real, and some just plain happy dappy doo!  Thanks Emmie so much.  This was really fun.  So here they are in no particular order:

My family makes me happy.  My husband and daughter are my everything:  the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I go to work everyday, the reason I feel so lucky and blessed in this life.  They are fun, full of life and genuinely two really cool people.  They make me laugh daily, I am usually their object of ridicule.  That is OK though, it is always spot on.  They both can mimic any voice or accent, pitch perfect, with a strong dash of wit mixed in too.
What I do every day makes me happy.  My clients and work compadres make my life full, very full of happiness.  Having a design business is a way of life, it is not something you check at the door when you walk in from a long day.  You can not turn it off, tell it to go away, give you a break or let it break you.  You have to love it, roll with it, nurture it, care for it and treat it as a beloved child.  I would not be me without it and all the awesome people I work with because of it.  It keeps my days bright.

It is pitiful, I know, but my Iphone and Macbook Pro make me happy.  It seems so shallow to have these on my happy list, but honestly, I would be a non-functioning human without both.  I always say my laptop is my eyes and ears to the world international.  I hardly watch TV anymore, sadly do not read as many books as I once did, rarely read an actual newspaper, do not listen to the radio all because of my Iphone & laptop.  I get any information I need at a moments notice, have the news and current events information at my fingertips, my favorite music loaded on both.  All this provides lots and lots of happiness and sometimes a little frustration when one decides not to function.

Flowers make me happy.  Pink peonies, garden roses in every color, gerber daisies, ranunculus, sunflowers, orchids, tulips I absolutely love them all.  I keep fresh flowers in our house always because they brighten my every day.
Vitabath makes me happy.  If you know what it is you understand, if you do not you must get some pronto!  It is not easy to find in stores, you can order it on-line, we have one shop here that carries it.  I use it daily in the shower.  It is clean, fresh and the best way ever to start your day.

Lavender Mint Shampoo makes me happy.  Ditto on the above.  Love it for the same reasons.

My friends makes me happy.  I have a small posse of friends.  I love them all.  They are my road dogs, have been with me through thick and thin, cried and laughed until we cried, and they continue to put up with me on a daily basis.  I could not live my life without them (oh, and my mother is at the TOP of that list).

My blog makes me happy.  Ragland Hill Social has been the biggest blessing on planet Earth for me. I absolutely love it, miss it (and you) when my life gets crazy and I can not focus on it.  Most importantly, I love it for the connection it has provided me to all my blog friends and the design world international.  One more layer of road dogs.  So, so glad to have all of you in my posse!

Kentucky makes me happy.  I do not get there as often as I would like.  I miss it when I am away.  Its bluegrass, bluegrass music, unique way of life, special people and the fondest of memories will always be near my heart.  Let me just say this, I witnessed one of my best friends chase one of her chickens into the chicken coop in a pair of Jimmy Choo heels (too much to explain here)!  It is the best mix of "down-home" and "high-style" all rolled into one.  Just my kind of place.  As I have said before, "I bleed blue, forever and always!".

My home makes me happy.  We do not live in a big house, a new house, a fancy house.  We live in a very charming special home, steeped in history, filled with beautiful things, inherited and collected, and most importantly filled with mucho love for family and friends.  Someone recently said it was decorated in a "sophisticated bohemian" way.  I have never thought about it but I guess that sums it up.  The best part is people love to come, settle in, have a drink and a bite to eat and just chill.  My biggest complement (and luckily I get it a lot) is, "I just want my house to feel like yours!".  Maybe some day I will have all of you.  Would that not be fun?

For the blogger willing to participate in the Happy 101 Award, please accept, share your ten things that make you happy, and then pass it on to those you want to honor.

Those I would like to honor:

Velvet & Linen
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Visual Vamp
PVE Design
Brabourne Farm
My Notting Hill

I love all these ladies listed above.  They make me happy daily with each of their very unique blogs.  I have so many others I love too.  I'll figure out another special honor for each of you.  And, please, if you are a FDO....more ideas!  We have a few since our last post but we need more, more, more inspiration.

We'll talk soon.