Last week, I had a great master planning meeting about a really exciting project.  It's a renovation of one of the most charming houses in Memphis, a true jewel in our city.  We are working on defining a master plan and color scheme for the entire house so it will be cohesive and integrated at it's completion.  My client is one smart lady.  Knowing this renovation will be a major event in her young family's life, she is spending the time and effort in advance to insure a smooth transition. 

These are some of the images I pulled together to start the wheels turning about colors, style and design.  In every project at Gwen Driscoll Designs it starts with inspiring images.  Whether it is photos a client brings me or images I compile, it is the best way to start getting ideas and communicate my vision for a project.  

This house is already a precious white charming cottage.  The renovation will keep its style and grace but add function and more space for family and friends.  It is already white (think "Father of the Bride") but there will be lots of special architectural details added during renovation.  These exterior images are a guide for what might be possible in color schemes.  I know it is white on white, with white fencing, gates and such but what could be more charming and special.  Sometimes I think keeping things a consistent color but having specialty details let them show and not the color of the detail. 

The following are Living Room inspiration images.  I love this open bench instead of a sofa for one location in the center of the room.  It is still comfortable and inviting but without the back of a sofa blocking you visually from the space.  I have a sofa planned to flank one side of the fireplace as well.

I want to add a wall of mirror in one location in the Living Room to open it up and add a reflective quality to the space. I like this one but without the wood divides.

And we are thinking about beautiful sconces like these to mount on the mirror with another mirror hanging in between. The vision is a mirror hanging on mirror for layering and dimension.

I love this soft and beautiful washed palette.  It's sophisticated without being cold and austere.  This house can't lose its charm because it would be a mortal sin and the homeowners are the most charming people you will ever meet.
This beautiful room designed by Gerrie Bremerman has the perfect balance of tradition and modern sensibility.  We have this goal in our project.

The master plan calls for having a beautiful writing desk flanked by two chairs in the Living Room just like the image below.
Another beautiful color palette for a charming space.

The crowning glory of the existing Dining Room is a beautiful chandelier purchased in New Orleans several years ago.  It is fabulous and so interesting and special.  I want to design the Dining Room in a way that only enhances and lets this chandelier be all it can be.  A neutral color palette is in the plans but I'm still fine tuning the details.

Love these colors in this beautiful room.

And the new kitchen is going to be absolutely fabulous.  This lady deserves one fine kitchen.  She has been living with an old one for many, many years.  The inspirational images are below.  We love the color palette and range hood in this photo.  The new kitchen will have a wood ceiling and beams as seen here.

Martha Stewart shows her style in this simply sophisticated kitchen.  I really love how the walls, island, bar stools, counter tops and appliances all tonally play off of each other.

This is one of my all time favorite kitchens.  I love its rustic touches without losing its sophistication.

My client loves these lanterns above the island.  The cut glass is spectacular.
Oh, and this charming kitchen was posted on My Notting Hill several weeks ago.  I just love it.  The subway tile, cabinets and tone on tone color palette is lovely.

Another beautiful color palette to consider.

The Breakfast Room is right off the Kitchen and will be so important to the function of this home.  Most importantly, it will provide a seating arrangement to share a meal with family and friends in a casual setting.

The Family Room is being added in the renovation.  It's going to have beautiful cabinetry, fireplace, wood ceiling and floor detail; a spectacular room.  These are some of our initial images but I'm adding more to my file every day.

The renovation will also provide a new Screened Porch off of the Family Room that wants to be cozy and warm just like this one.
We love this steel blue/gray color for the screen porch walls.
I'll be keeping you posted on this exciting project.  It's going to be a fun one to watch.  I'd love to hear what you think about our plans.

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Elle Decor, Southern Accents, Belgian Pearls, My Notting Hill, Martha Stewart, Melissa Rufty Interior Design