As my daughter tells me daily, "Mom, you're a girly girl!".  And she's right (kind of).  I love pink.  I don't wear it (maybe an accessory here and there).  I was never preppy.  I'm not really the bubbly type you would think of as synonymous with pink.  I don't have any fabrics in my house that are pink.  It's a bit perplexing where my pink love manifested but it has staying power and a timeless quality that other colors do not.

Most importantly,  I love it when I see it and I love to use it in my design work.  It's the kind of color that makes everything around it work:  bright, soft, lots or just a tiny little dash all works for me.  These are may favorite pink picks for this week.

As far as my house goes, I always have shades of pink, red, or orange in my flowers.  The hues look beautiful with my fabrics, furniture and art.  Just a hint works in my world?  What about in your house?

Can't wait to hear how you use pink.

We'll talk soon.