I love fall.  My birthday is in the fall, school is back in session and things resume to a normal routine.  Whenever the fashion police decided it was okay to wear white after Labor Day things got even better.  Of course, you have to couple it with just the right fall ensemble but to still be able to wear those white jeans with boots, beautiful thing for me!  Enough of that, enjoy your images today.  I know you all have loved this week but might be a wee bit ready for the white explosion to "leave the building" so to speak.  I'll be back tomorrow with one more white post, "My Favorite White Things".  Remember to comment away to be eligible for the Leontine Linens give-a-way.  Click here to review the details.

See you tomorrow.

We'll talk soon.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  If there is anybody, and I mean anybody, who lays claim to images here I have not recognized or who would like to have them removed, please e-mail me and I will take care of it pronto!  I respect with great admiration all artists, designers, photographers, stylists, magazine writers, editors and just enthusiasts who love all things beautiful.  This is intended to celebrate all who have contributed to a spectacular display of beauty.