So sorry I'm getting this out so late.  I've been crazy busy all week working on some really exciting projects.  But, I'm so excited about our list, I just had to get it out for you all.

We have some great additions to our list to start off the weekend.  It's really thrilling we are creating this list as a blog community.  It's growing and please add many, many more of your thoughts.  I love it!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and use some of these great ideas to enrich your life.

From The Zhush
I find turning on the radio and listening to great music is very inspiring.

I give generously to others who may need it with both my time and talent.  And I also give to myself to just be or do nothing.  It inspires.

I do dessert.  Even if it's white chocolate chips, marshmallows or a bowl of blueberries.  It's amazing how creative you can get serving small treats to your family and how a sweet little gesture results in happy faces and delightful conversation.

I surround myself with beautiful things and happy optimistic people.

I try to rise earlier than my alarm clock in order to appreciate the day and be reminded that as Anne of Green Gables reminds us, "Today is a new day without any mistakes in it".

I have animals in my life.  My dogs are a constant reminder of simplistic joy and all it takes to love.

I take a moment to breathe at the end of every week, and adding a cooked meal with love and a glass of wine - perfection.

Embrace your creativity and you will be living life to its fullest.  Show the world how great you
 really are.

Have a lot of humor and many laughs daily.  It cures all ills.  I can't imagine my life without funny friends, family and even pets.  I can laugh so hard I cry!

Celebrate the big and little things in life.  We celebrated fabulous marks on a 3rd grade report card this week! 

I use the power of positive thinking and the old adage "like attracts like".

I design, create and inspire an artful life with my blog too.  (May I add, now this is       a lady who has amazing talent & if only I could draw and paint like she does.  
What I would give?)

I love to travel.  Whether it's to the hills of Scotland or a small town down the road, travel inspires me.

The simple pleasures in life are most meaningful to me like dipping my toes in the water in the Hamptons.  I find beauty, happiness & inspiration because I look for it in life.

 I count my blessings daily either while in the shower in the morning or driving to work.  And, if I don't, I regret it all day long.

Travel brings me endless beauty and inspiration. (She's headed to Sarasota, Florida next week).

I find images daily that really speak to me and inspire me.

I try and have fresh flowers in my house for my family to enjoy.

I celebrate holidays in a visual way like decorating for Valentine's Day.  It's just around the corner.

Remember to add your ideas in the comments section of this post.  I'll add images and repost the list next week.  Have a great weekend.  We'll talk soon.