We've had our own version of Santa's workshop rolling at our office for two weeks now.  It's about "wrapped up" here, but if you need some inspiration, I've got it for you today.

In the rat race we all live, it's so nice to take the time to wrap a beautiful package for someone you love.  Unfortunately, this year, I've been so swamped I had my wonderful assistant, Ashley Hodges, act as Santa's BIG helper and wrap all our goodies.  A big thanks to Ashley for all her help.  I couldn't live without her!

Image courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

Starting in high school, my very first job was wrapping packages at a beautiful women's dress shop in Kentucky.  I remember how much I enjoyed wrapping each and every gift with careful consideration of paper, ribbon and adornments.  I guess this was the beginning of my design career (didn't know it at the time).

Love the way the ribbon is done on these goodies.  Martha Stewart always delivers with ingenuity.

I love the combination of black and red.  This works well for holiday or just a special happy anytime of year.

Image courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

After last week's infusion of green at Ragland Hill Social, it's no surprise how much I love it.  Always pleasing to that special someone who gets a beautiful gift wrapped in many shades of green.  If you haven't visited A Gift Wrapped Life yet, you should.  You can fill all your wrapping needs in one place.  I've never seen more beautiful packages in my life.

Couldn't you just see a beautiful little girl in her perfectly planned Christmas dress ripping this one wide open?  I love to use grosgrain or easily opened ribbon for children.  No one deserves the kind of frustration a tightly tied bow creates (especially a precious little girl jazzed up for her Christmas goodies)!

We love to give special treats to our close friends.  Fudge to die for.  These would be perfect for that.

Image courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

What about this one for the matriarch of the house?  Even though my mother doesn't live with us, she is still and always will be our matriarch.  A special role for a very special woman!  I'm not ready to fill those shoes quite yet.

I thought these would be perfect for Christmas or a special New Year's gift.  Who wouldn't want to receive a beautiful little gold box?

Image courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

Ooh, flocked black paper with chartreuse green.  How sophisticated?  Love the double satin ribbon.  Another Gwen Driscoll favorite!

I have a client and very special friend who owns "The Color Purple".  Every time I see purple I think of her.  Perfect under her tree.  She even has a purple love seat in her Living Room.  It's fabulous!

Image courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

Ok, this is one beautiful gift.  I know if this was for me I would be perfectly pleased.

Martha again.  Black and white is classic, sophisticated and never disappoints.  It would be great to have as your signature gift wrap.  For any occasion, it works.

Love this beautiful combination of ribbon.  I know who it would be perfect for in my life.  One of my best friends loves soft beautiful neutrals with a hit of pink or peach.  Her bar is painted black lacquer with the inside an ever so soft peachy pink.  The glass doors and soft amber light make it glow at night.  It works and is awesome!

Candy canes galore.  These would be beautiful under a traditional Christmas tree.

These packages look like they were inspired by Designer's Guild to me.  Happy and bright.

I love faux bois.  It's such a sophisticated rustic approach all at once.  These packages are stunning.  Martha again.

Who would think recycling newspaper or magazines for gift wrap could be this pretty?  The paper bow is spectacular.  Love it.

We are one day closer.  I hope everyone's day isn't to frenzied in holiday preparation.  Wrap, wrap, wrap.

We'll talk soon.