During the holidays I find my friends and clients always wanting their house to be in tip top shape. Preparing for this time can induce real panic.
One simple way to improve your home quickly is to evaluate your appointments, items that are easily removed or added without much trouble. It's always best to assess what you have, and then what you need. It can make or break a house.
It's about "The Big Edit". A most important thing a designer does is assess what a client has and if it's worthy of being used again. The question is, "Does the item add value and beauty to the space in which it resides?"
Get out your digital camera and focus on each vignette in a room. Look at each surface and evaluate what is or isn't working. It's always good to snap a vignette photo to focus on, not the entire room at once.
Then, really get honest with yourself. Is the dried floral arrangement that has been there since 2000 really adding value to your space? Are the cherished valuables you have sitting beside it being overshadowed? Do you really need 10 picture frames? Is the lamp on the table the right look and scale? If the answer is, "This is not working" then get busy and edit. Take away something (probably the dried floral arrangement) and move things around to see how they look.
If you do this for every surface in your house: mantels, tables, consoles, buffets and even the kitchen island, I promise you will feel and it will look better. It's also a good idea to move appointments from one location to another. It amazes me how different items look when placed in a new location.
Below, I've included some images of edited spaces. They are clear and clean, with only what is necessary to make each space fabulous.
This space works because of its symmetry and very few items in play at once. Wouldn't you love to sit with a friend to have a cup of tea?
How inviting is this living room? Large scale furniture calls for very few appointments. See the mantel, one item and a painting. Stunning and beautiful.
This fabulous entry hall has not a single appointment. Perfection!
This image is from my house. A beautiful French buffet, in the past, has been full of picture frames, objet d'art and many other things over time. It was killing me, so, I had to edit. The sun room now feels refreshing, not visually exhausting.
Another image of clean and clear table tops. Books are a great way to add some interest without being overpowering. I use them a lot in my design work.
I hope Part One inspires you to focus on your appointments. Look for Part Two tomorrow, "The Big Add". If you have nothing to move around and play with, I've put together some great looking appointments that can be gotten quickly. I often ask myself, "What did I do before the invention of Internet shopping?"
We'll talk soon.
Images courtesy of Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Gwen Driscoll, Southern Accents, Interiores